Products of Limnos


This is pasta which look like matches. It is traditionally made from flour, milk and eggs.




This is fresh cheese from sheep and goats milk set in salt water. The name comes from the shape the cheese takes when it is set in a woven basket to curdle. It is a P.O.P product.


topiko tyriMELICHLORO

This is fresh cheese from sheep's milk which is made and placed in an airy shaded place for it to dry and then is washed in the sea.



On the island they cultivate 2 types of grape. The Moschato Alexandrias (white) and the limnio or Kalambaki (red). The wineries of the island produce well known and awarded wines.



It is a sweet made of almonds and vanilla coating. It was made for Eleftherios Venizelos by the housewives of the island when he visited it after its liberation





It is a sweet made of very thin crust, sesame seeds and honey and looks like baklava.


e8c9d899640ea1206d8bc1cfec6e0c47 LTHYME HONEY

Its taste is unique, it is thick with a lovely aroma and is of the best honeys in Greece.