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On this site you will find information regarding the area, where complex Caviro is situated, the sights, the beaches, the market, the activities and functions as well as corresponding information for the island of Limnos.

Getting from complex Caviro

Market of Moudro 350 m
Moudro Bus Stop 400 m
Taxi 300 m
Restaurants and Taverns in Moudro 800 m
Marina in Moudro 900 m
Beach in Moudro (Saint Paul) 1200m
Beach Fanaraki   4 km
Beach Havouli   4 km
Beach Keros  10 km
Limnos Airport    8 km
Mirinas Port  28 km
Archeological Site Poliochnis    8,5 km
Archeological Site Ifestia 10 km 
Archeological Site Kavirio 15 km 
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MHTE: 0364K91000298901

Rented Appartments

Moudros, Limnos Postal: 81401

Telephone - FAX :  +3022540 71511

Mobile:   +306972299214 / +306972926399

Email: info@caviro.gr