Sights of Limnos

limnos myrinaTHE CASTLE

The castle is situated in Mirina and was built in the 12th century.. Today what remains are the walls, the gates and ruins. Deer live around the castle





The museum is found on the romeiko seashore in Mirina. It is house in a three storey new classic building which has been open to the public since 1961. In the museum you can see findings from Poliochni, Ifestia and Kaveiria.





In the north of the island between the beach Gomati and the village Katalako you are able to see ammothines. They are large and hills in a space of about 70 acres. This phenomenon is rare and exquisite beauty.




iamatika loutra limnosHOT SPRINGS

On the island there are hot springs of 42-44 degrees Celsius and are recommend for rheumatism, arthritics and osteoporosis. Hot spring water is drinkable and helps o cure nephrolithiasis and g stone. In this area you will also see findings from the old baths.