Caviro is found in the village Moudros in Limnos near the wonderful beaches of the village Fanaraki and Havouli, the port, the marina and the market with a view of the village and the bay of Moudros.


from the Caviro complex to

  • Market of Moudro : 350 m
  • Moudro Bus Stop : 400 m
  • Taxi : 300 m
  • Restaurants - Taverns in Moudro : 800 m
  • Marina in Moudro : 900 m
  • Beach in Moudro (Saint Paul) : 1200 m
  • Fanaraki Beach : 4 km
  • Havouli Beach : 4 km
  • Keros Beach : 10 km
  • Lemnos Airport : 8 km
  • Mirinas Port : 28 km
  • Archeological Site Poliochnis : 8,5 km
  • Archeological Site Ifestia : 10 km
  • Archeological Site Kavirio : 15 km


Moudros is situated on the east of the island and is a sea-side village on Moudros Bay. The Bay is the biggest and safest natural bay in the whole of the Mediterranean. The area of Moudros has been inhabited since prehistoric times its centre being the town of koukonisi island. On Koukonisi, excavations uncovered a respectively important Centre of prehistoric times with those of Poliochni.

In 1912 during the Balkan wars admiral Koundouriotis turned the bay into the base of operations for the Greek fleet.

During the first World war it was the base for the English Military Command and they had recruited thousands of soldiers and on the ort the built docks for the ally ships. They had even left space for the landing of hydroplanes.

In 1918 the Treaty of Moudro was signed in Moudro between the allies and Turkey.

Walking through the village you are able to admire the stone primary school, the church of Taxiarchon which was built in 1835 as well as the church of Evagelistria which was built in 1903.

Moudros has great tourist development in the last few years. It offers great tourist complexes, recreational areas, department stores, cafes, pharmacies, a medical centre, a post office and ATM.

You can take a walk along the port, have a meal at one of the fish taverns and see the boats in the new marina.

In summer, on the port, many cultural festivals and concerts are organized and you must definitely see the setting of the sun.

Near the village you will find the beaches of Fanaraki (small and big and the beach of Havouli)




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  • From Kavala
  • From Alexandroupoli-Samothraki
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  • From the ports of other islands (Chios, Samos, Ikaria, Syros, Mykonos)


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  • From Macedonia Thessaloniki airport
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